How to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Note

Having current and complete backups of your Samsung Galaxy is not only a good idea, but can be life saver for us. So, in this how-to, I’ll cover everything from backing up text messages, music, photos, videos, apps, contacts etc. to restoring all the files from computer to your devices without samsung kies. Here we go follow the step by step guide on how to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy.

Firstly, download Wondershare MobileTrans, install and run it.

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1. Backup your Samsung Galaxy
Click the ” Back up Your Phone ” button in the homepage. You will go to the backup mode. You can freely backup your needed data to your computer, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, video, music, photos, app, etc. Select what you want to backup and click the ” Start Copy “.

2. Restore your Samsung Galaxy
Go to the homepage and click ” Restore from Backups ” button . Select a backup file format in the drop down list. After you locate the saved backup file that you want to restore to your phone, click “Start Copy” to transfer the data from the backup file to your Samsung Galaxy.

Xiaomi tablet 2 official posters

After @ Steven pan weibo in fact, the second generation of Xiaomi tablet will support Win0 systems and publish them in the third quarter. Has sources said so far, the second generation of Xiaomi tablet with dual system is optional, still support beautiful MIUI Pad version.

Xiaomi tablet official weibo announced that there would be a great thing happened today, illustrated content is “Xiaomi tablet x 2 =????”

Currently Xiaomi tablet 2 official propaganda posters in the implied Xiaomi tablet 2 support dual system, to this, many netizens speculated this is announced Xiaomi flat 2 release time, at the same time suggest that Xiaomi tablet 2 support dual system. But there are also some netizens think tablet will not release so early, a new generation of  Xiaomi this post may be just a sales promotion.

The new Nexus 5 complete configuration exposure

Google is expected to be launched next month this year, a new generation of Nexus series mobile phone, and the two complete configuration parameters of the device are also has been exposed.

GizmoChina website has just released the two Nexus long single configuration. It is understood that the LG is responsible for the development of a new generation of Nexus 5 will use 1080 P P – OLED display, a 5.2 -inch qualcomm Snpadragon 620 processor, top 4 gb of memory LPDDR3-1866, the highest 64 gb eMMC storage space, 5.1 3180 mah battery (non-replaceable), MTK TK3188 wireless charging receiver, Marvell Avastar 88 w8897 connected chips (responsible for 802.11 ac wi-fi, NFC and bluetooth connection).

In addition, the new Nexus 5 will also be equipped with front stereo speakers, integrated rear power key fingerprint sensor, 13 million pixels rear camera (IMX278 RGBW sensor), 6 groups of f / 1.8 lens aperture lens, optical image stabilization and function of the laser focus, double color LED flash, support the iris recognition of 4 million pixels front-facing camera (OV4682 RGB – IR sensor), USB Typce – C interface, QuickCharge 2.0 quick charge function.

Finally, according to the Nexus 5 will also adopt the chamfering aluminum alloy frame and frosted plastic back cover, priced at about $300-400.

As for Huawei made another Nexus, reports said it will use a 5.7 -inch WQHD AMOLED display, metal unibody design, 21 million pixels IMX230 sensor and Rezence/WiPower wireless charging.

The hardware of the exposure parameters and rumors before generally consistent, the only difference is that the Nexus of 5 processor model. Positioning as a flagship smartphone is, outside the original Nexus 5 is expected to adopt the qualcomm Snpadragon 808 or 820 chip years, rather than the location of the 620 Snpadragon. As to how the actual situation, we only waiting for more information after exposure to do judgment.

Amazon launched a new Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon today announced a new version of its Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader, the e-book reader is amazon’s launch has one of the most popular Kindle the new version of Paperwhite series, configure super clear display, double clear more smooth, make better reading experience.

Brand new Kindle Paperwhite configuration for the Kindle family the highest e-ink screens. The Kindle reader pixels improved, compared with the previous generation Paperwhite double. High resolution screens – 300 ppi as laser marker, perfect experience base paper books. In addition, under the configuration of high resolution, the Kindle still weeks of super long battery life. Double than the previous generation of products, RAM, 512 MB of memory, reading experience more fluent. New Kindle Paperwhite adopts a new generation of electronic ink screen (1.2) Carta, page refresh effect is better. Overall performance is four times as large as a generation products, bring more comfortable for the reader the depth of the reading experience.

In addition to the above new features, other Kindle Paperwhite product characteristics have also been saved before, huge amounts of books to carry, built-in dictionary, cross-platform synchronous progress, permanent record books, this new words, new words tips, see the rest of the reading time, turn the page to browse at any time, taking notes, intelligent interpretation and so on will also make new Kindle Paperwhite accessible to use.

Samsung Galaxy A8 certified by the ministry

After the true machine photos, the Samsung Galaxy A8 recently approved by the ministry of industry, the fuselage is only 5.94 mm thick, will become the most thin, Samsung mobile phones. From the point of exposure photographs, A8 used the metal frame design, similar to some previous A7.

Though Samsung officials have not confirmed the existence of the A8, but this phone has recently appeared in ministry of telecommunications equipment certification center website. Information display, the Galaxy A8 models for SM – A8000, equipped with a 5.7 -inch Super AMOLED screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 eight core processor, built-in 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM, support memory card extension. Run Android 5.1 operating system. The machine support 4G network, equipped with 5 million pixels front-facing camera and 16 million pixels rear camera.

In addition to China’s ministry of industry and approved, the Samsung Galaxy A8 also passed the FCC certification, however, the FCC certification information display A8 only supports LTE 41 frequencies, which means that it is a custom for the Chinese market.

Microsoft announced three mobile power

It is reported that yesterday, Microsoft announced three mobile power, different capacities to meet various needs of users.

Microsoft’s three mobile power supply are designed with two USB ports, you can simultaneously charge two devices compatible with its own AC-60 charger. Capacities of 5200mAh, 9000mAh and 12000mAh.

It is understood that the three mobile power will be on sale in the near future, priced at $ 35, $ 45 and $ 55.

Android Wear the watch can run XP operating system

Android Wear Smart Watch has a number of rich features, but you might not think of is that it actually has the ability to run the Windows operating system. Recently, YouTube user Dave Bennett has successfully on his LG G Watch run the old Windows XP, and on YouTube a simple demo video.

According to reports, Bennett uses a simplified version of only about 100MB Windows XP, which the system without a graphical user interface, only one window of the command-line tool. If you use the Bluetooth standard version of XP system (1.5GB) loaded from ADB to Android Wear, that takes more than 12 hours will be. Even if he has to start this spare time, the system will spend a very long time. Therefore, the system uses a simplified version of it is very necessary. Surprisingly, however, the system could support to move the cursor through the touch screen, the video failed to see the operation method of text input.

MediaTek launched the world’s first 10-core chip Helio X20

Recent rumors MediaTek will launch the world’s first 10-core chip, MediaTek although no positive response, but did not deny. And now MediaTek’s first 10 core chip Helio X20 processor released.

MediaTek official micro-Bo, MediaTek announced a single-chip solution for systems equipped with the world’s first Tri-Cluster architecture and 10-core processor Helio X20. Helio X20 industry breakthrough technological barriers, providing top mobile computing performance and ultra-low power management technology, integration of the global whole mode LTE Category 6 (Cat 6) modem, and the latest CorePilot3.0 heterogeneous computing technology.

十核芯联发科Helio X20发布 频率核心不同

Helio X20 the first time a three-cluster architecture, there are two high-performance core 2.5GHz A72, four balance between performance and power consumption of the 2.0GHz A53 core, four low-load tasks and energy saving 1.4GHz A53 core, performance called terrible. Also Helio X20 is equipped with GPU not exposed, but it may be Mali T800 series.


In conclusion, Helio X20 total of the following characteristics:

1, the image sensor supports up to 32 million pixels, dual ISP improved noise reduction, sharpness, supports native 3D;

2, the video decoding support 10bit 4K H.264 / H.265 / VP coding, reducing power consumption by 30%;

3, GPU performance upgrades, though the GPU Helio X20 model has not been announced, but MediaTek said performance than the previous generation 40% increase;

4, LTE network speed from 150Mbps upgrade to 300Mbps, support the seven-way full Netcom, Telecom users can also use, do not know is carrying or external baseband;

Of course, in order to control costs, MediaTek Helio X20 still using 20nm process technology, with LPDDR3 memory, compared to the competitors have entered the 14nm process, the future of Helio X20 experience how we have to wait to get the product to be known.

Cyanogen ready to open its platform to developers SDK

According to technology website TechnoBuffalo reports, Android Police website found a “Cyanogen Platform SDK” information page on Google+ indicates, Cyanogen will open their platform. GitHub and Cyanogen official website also released relevant information.

Currently, the only API (application programming interface) is included in the newly developed Cyanogen SDK major and “Quick Setup Tiles” concerned. TechnoBuffalo speculated that this could mean that third-party developers will be able to develop their widget into the user’s settings drop-down menu.

TechnoBuffalo said that in the future, developers may also be able to add gesture control in their applications – as users can even manipulate Cyanogen software gestures in the case of control functions as the screen is off. Cyanogen also hinted that developers can more deeply integrate functionality of its platform, and even Yahoo, Spotify full access to its platform.

Cyanogen open its platform it will take time, especially since each application may need to add support for each new API. But companies will hopefully soon began using a newly developed Cyanogen SDK.

Biography Apple Pay and hard into the CUP not agree on recent Chinese

MarketWatch According to foreign media reports, about the apple between Apple and China UnionPay mobile payment services into China Apple Pay negotiations deadlocked, Apple’s mobile payment services into China Apple Pay the date may be postponed again.

MarketWatch reported that the CUP with Apple Pay no agreement on operational issues in China. Previously MarketWatch had expected Apple Pay will be in March this year into China, and later reported that Apple’s negotiations with UnionPay no progress. As of today, MartketWatch news that the two sides have not finalized Apple Pay into China time. Due to mainland China UnionPay is responsible for handling all of the inter-bank transaction, so Apple really has no choice but to cooperate with CUP. For example, China Mobile and China Unicom’s near-field payment (NFC) services connected with the Consortium to achieve the transfer payment system.

The source said that in addition to the CUP, the Apple last year with eight major Chinese banks have been negotiating, but no agreement was reached. In addition to technical problems, the Apple rates the issue is also considered Apple Pay into China is a major obstacle. In the United States, in addition to 0.5 cents per transaction charge a fixed fee, Apple also charge the merchant fees (2% per transaction amount) of 0.15% of the fee. And in China, CUP does not want to provide such a high fee.

Because iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales hit a record, Apple let Apple Pay out of the country seeking to break new ground, but so far, the negotiations have not yet been successful. In December last year, media reports said that Apple plans earlier this year to push Apple Pay in the UK, but the negotiations between the Bank of England due to unfinished, Apple Pay into the UK time has been postponed.