Rumors Samsung Galaxy S8 give up strategy of double machine

According to Forbes website reported that Samsung has considered next year release the Galaxy S8 give up consistent strategy of two, when only launching a configuration of its iconic curved surface screen models. Although abandoned the strategy of two, information shows that the Galaxy S8 will configure the dual camera lens.

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Given the time required to develop its new smartphones, Samsung may have been issued by the finish the project next year’s Galaxy S8 (assumed name) design work. This means that the hardware information has entered the production chain, the most recent years of experience has shown that production chain product information is easy to leak. Even if the Galaxy S8 design has not yet been finalized, Samsung in testing a variety of design, the news show that Samsung considering double camera lens design, not only understand Samsung product release plan can also help the outside world.

Forbes said Samsung in marketing advantage is that apple will double lens camera – 7 Plus configuration for the iPhone’s current expectations. Due to the Galaxy S8 only one model, which means that Samsung all the next generation of flagship model will configure the double camera lens. In addition to the Samsung’s traditional advantage in imaging, “everyone’s double lens” also can make Samsung to apple’s marketing advantage.

Although the Galaxy Note 7 will enter more market in the next four weeks, destined to belong to apple and the iPhone next month 7, I think this may be a Samsung in early August rather than in the international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin next week to release the cause of the Galaxy Note 7. If next year’s flagship Samsung Galaxy devices with dual lens camera’s message was accepted by the people, a lot of people when buying a new phone will look before you leap: is buying the iPhone now or wait to buy a better product.

Apples are trying to convince media: the iPhone is still a unique innovative products. Forbes said, Samsung after huawei adopts double camera lens design, there is no doubt that show that apple in follow suit. Over the next 12 months all high-end equipment will adopt double lens camera design.

Apple watches 2 generation configuration exposure

Conference in September, apple conference is, of course, except iPhone7/7 plus if without exception should be released along with other products.

Recently, several accurate disclosure Apple new Ming – Chi Kuo again give news that Apple will be released next month the new Apple Watch, but want to with you, will introduce two models at a time.

Ming-chi kuo, stressed that the two Apple Watch some different, one is the existing Apple Watch configuration upgrade version, its carrying 16 nm processor technology, and has better waterproof performance.

The other one is a brand new Apple Watch, its built-in GPS, pressure gauge, and larger capacity battery, have waterproof function, the processor model as S2, based on 16 nm TSMC technology process, but unfortunately, two new watches on shape design with existing remain the same.

Samsung cancelled transparent OLED TV series

Since 2008, the company has been making transparent OLED display panel. Although is a very small niche products, but also is an interesting explanation for the future display technology. But unfortunately, after so many years in, samsung eventually abandoned the technology.

Samsung has announced that the company will give up the research and development and production of transparent OLED display panel. As for specific reasons, according to people familiar with the fact, because of the panel of the global total is not high enough, not enough to put samsung will be related to the rationalization. That is to say, the entire technology industry may be like the concept of transparent TV, but no one can really to buy them.

Though samsung is about to leave, but LG is going to enter the field next year. In this year’s CES, the concept of LG OLED panel shows some transparent products, and will bring related business products in next year’s CES.

Google released Android One

Android is One Google plan launched in 2014, create good and inexpensive products, joint sharp Google introduced Japan’s first Android One phone. Google Android One is cheap cell phones, Google launched aimed at boosting share, to increase the heft of Android. Although the price is $100 configuration is ancient, but Google very preferential treatment in terms of system upgrade, for example from Android 5. 6.0 x helicopter, starting an exclusive 6.0.1, let Huawei, LG contract Nexus.

On the configuration, Google is also too low before the lesson. The Japanese Android One has 5 inches 720 p IGZO screen, Snapdragon 617 processor, 2 gb RAM + 16 gb extensible, 5 million + 13 million cameras combination, battery capacity is 3010 mah, support (, bluetooth 4.2, IP58 waterproof and dustproof.

Color of black and white and blue are optional. At present, the price has not yet been published.

Google phone HTC Marlin exposure

Although the fastest also want to will be launched in September this year, but HTC for Google Nexus has two related configuration emerged in succession. Recently, in the code of the Sailfish HTC main specifications after exposure, the Nexus, new media Android Police and disclose the code “Marlin” model of the main configuration information, that will load 5.5 inch 2 k display and qualcomm quad-core processors, the rear fingerprint recognition and USB – C interface, and provides the highest 128 gb storage capacity.

Android Police, according to media reports, the symbol of “Marlin” HTC Nexus reliability at about 90% of new relevant specification, reportedly will be equipped with a 5.5 -inch touch screen, and support 2 k resolution and adopt AMOLED panel, loading front-facing camera has 8 million pixels and 12 million pixels main camera, memory capacity of 4 gb of RAM, and offered by the storage capacity is 32 gb and 128 gb, seems to be canceled 64 gb version.

As for the processor, the machine this is carrying qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processors, although did not disclose the specific model, but not surprisingly, should is the so-called Snapdragon 821 processor. In addition, Marlin “really using the rear fingerprint recognition, and at the bottom of the fuselage with the speaker and USB – C interface, bluetooth technology, 4.2 as to match the battery capacity is 3450 mah.

The machine will be like the Sailfish, installed the latest Android N system. In previous, Indian media revealed, both HTC Nexus, new contract will be based on HTC 10 development, but will make some changes according to the requirements of Google, such as using rear fingerprint identification module, and Marlin will carry Snapdragon 821 processor, is expected in September or October as Android version N system finally debut.

As a result, the current information comprehensively, HTC Marlin and the Sailfish two aircraft is the main difference may reflect on the touch screen size, resolution and battery capacity, etc., and the emergence of 32 gb + 128 gb storage capacity will also appear on the Sailfish, this means that the Nexus, new this year and last year the Nexus of 5 x and Nexus 6 p mode, the same will be a combination of screen size, users according to their own tastes and budget price for choice.

However, HTC Marlin and Sailfish may also will be different in appearance. Because the well-known fact one @ upleaks previously disclosed the news, the story HTC foundry the Nexus of new machine is not designed by HTC, and in shape than HTC 10 have obvious change. Therefore, if the shape of the Sailfish close to 10, HTC so Marlin appearance design can give a person is not the same feeling.

Only and it is not clear that the two HTC Nexus is the official name of the new future, at the same time, huawei is also likely to continue for Google launched the Nexus, new this year, is said to be the final name may be for the Nexus 7 p, and had previously run leak points website related information, including name of the motherboard with Marlin, carrying Snapdragon 821 processor and has 4 gb of memory. Therefore, if the rumors come true eventually, then means this year is likely to have three Nexus, new appearance.

Samsung had Home button

Latest news shows for their mobile phone samsung reserves the circular Home button and rear fingerprinting scheme, circular design similar to the iPhone’s Home button.

Patently exposure for samsung Mobile Home button in two groups of patent, we have seen on the front of the Home is the round button design, it is understood that can strengthen the fingerprint identification sensitivity.

Another group of rear design, fingerprint identification arranged at the top, the design seems not so comfortable, but if appear round Home button design, believe that apple and samsung you fight again.

Apple computer operating system officially changed its name to the MAC OS

Apple WWDC 2016 worldwide developers conference in San Francisco, and introduced a number of software platform for update at the meeting. Apple computer’s operating system officially changed its name to the MAC OS.

The new MAC OS named Sierra. In respect of function, the first update is — MAC OS voice unlocked and the watch apple support functions.

MAC OS Sierra support on the iPhone and MAC to clip commonality between two devices, the iPhone copy things can paste on the MAC, on the other hand can also be used.

In addition, the MAC OS also support the Apple Pay web and Siri function. First said the Siri, Siri support image search, general copy, paste, Apple Pay payment, send messages and so on various aspects of function. At the same time support MAC OS support start picture in picture function.

Google to develop software to help users to find the lost iPhone

According to reliable sources, Google provides a web search for iPhone users to find lost in the way of mobile phones.

When the iPhone and android users on input mobile phone missing words, search engines will respond quickly and give lost cell phone calls, tracking using electronic map, the user can through Google’s “my account” this function to access this function.

Back and apple mobile phone, Google does not support locking mobile phone is lost, remote clearing account information, and other functions, however, for those who lost things, don’t know where I put the phone, the feature of Google is very useful. Users can also use this feature their access to the Google account, make the thief can’t get their privacy information, this function at the same time also makes the Google search engine function becomes more convenient, powerful.

On the one hand, Google for the user to retrieve the lost cell phone provides a convenient way, on the other hand, the Google offers considerable advantages, allow the user to shift focus from apple gradually to Google, let users prefer to use the android mobile phone.

The samsung 0.3 mm screen can bend curled up

Samsung on screen technology have been very crazy idea, and has shown many of the concepts of flexible curved surface screen technology, even launched Edge series qu bing smartphones. Now samsung and curved surface screen technology to a new height, in San Francisco this Week SID Display Week conference in 2016, samsung shows the latest ultra-portable flexible OLED technology.

This screen unfolds at 5.7 inches, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the surface characteristic of nothing is too big. But it is the greatest place can take to curl, and display effect will not be any effect.

This screen is only 0.3 mm thick, so up to curl into a tubular radius less than 10 mm. But now display technology haven’t reached 0.3 mm touch level, therefore this screen now can only be used to display content can’t be touch operation. To know once add touch features will increase the thickness of the screen, it will also affect the bending effect, so in a short period of time and it cannot be applied to the smart phone. Samsung also had not reported the new technique of specific commercial areas and schedule, also did not introduce the information such as service life.

This is not the first time that we actually see the curved surface screen technology similar to curl, LG also shows the same before an impressive display, therefore between samsung and LG, the future of display technology war is just beginning.

Announced ARM chip to complete the first 10 nm process

ARM announced today, has been working with TSMC has completed the world’s first chip based on 10 nm process flow of work, and use the new architecture has yet to announce “Artemis”.

In fact, the flow sheet in early December 2015 was finished, the ARM is expected to chip can get the return from the factory recently. The test chip is ARM, TSMC’s common test platform, used for debugging tools and manufacturing process, thus in terms of performance, power consumption, area to obtain the optimal results.

TSMC is expected to begin by the end of 10 nm technology, ARM Artemis architecture also is expected to be officially released in the near future, replace the current architecture A72.