Apple computer operating system officially changed its name to the MAC OS

Apple WWDC 2016 worldwide developers conference in San Francisco, and introduced a number of software platform for update at the meeting. Apple computer’s operating system officially changed its name to the MAC OS.

The new MAC OS named Sierra. In respect of function, the first update is — MAC OS voice unlocked and the watch apple support functions.

MAC OS Sierra support on the iPhone and MAC to clip commonality between two devices, the iPhone copy things can paste on the MAC, on the other hand can also be used.

In addition, the MAC OS also support the Apple Pay web and Siri function. First said the Siri, Siri support image search, general copy, paste, Apple Pay payment, send messages and so on various aspects of function. At the same time support MAC OS support start picture in picture function.

Google to develop software to help users to find the lost iPhone

According to reliable sources, Google provides a web search for iPhone users to find lost in the way of mobile phones.

When the iPhone and android users on input mobile phone missing words, search engines will respond quickly and give lost cell phone calls, tracking using electronic map, the user can through Google’s “my account” this function to access this function.

Back and apple mobile phone, Google does not support locking mobile phone is lost, remote clearing account information, and other functions, however, for those who lost things, don’t know where I put the phone, the feature of Google is very useful. Users can also use this feature their access to the Google account, make the thief can’t get their privacy information, this function at the same time also makes the Google search engine function becomes more convenient, powerful.

On the one hand, Google for the user to retrieve the lost cell phone provides a convenient way, on the other hand, the Google offers considerable advantages, allow the user to shift focus from apple gradually to Google, let users prefer to use the android mobile phone.

The samsung 0.3 mm screen can bend curled up

Samsung on screen technology have been very crazy idea, and has shown many of the concepts of flexible curved surface screen technology, even launched Edge series qu bing smartphones. Now samsung and curved surface screen technology to a new height, in San Francisco this Week SID Display Week conference in 2016, samsung shows the latest ultra-portable flexible OLED technology.

This screen unfolds at 5.7 inches, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the surface characteristic of nothing is too big. But it is the greatest place can take to curl, and display effect will not be any effect.

This screen is only 0.3 mm thick, so up to curl into a tubular radius less than 10 mm. But now display technology haven’t reached 0.3 mm touch level, therefore this screen now can only be used to display content can’t be touch operation. To know once add touch features will increase the thickness of the screen, it will also affect the bending effect, so in a short period of time and it cannot be applied to the smart phone. Samsung also had not reported the new technique of specific commercial areas and schedule, also did not introduce the information such as service life.

This is not the first time that we actually see the curved surface screen technology similar to curl, LG also shows the same before an impressive display, therefore between samsung and LG, the future of display technology war is just beginning.

Announced ARM chip to complete the first 10 nm process

ARM announced today, has been working with TSMC has completed the world’s first chip based on 10 nm process flow of work, and use the new architecture has yet to announce “Artemis”.

In fact, the flow sheet in early December 2015 was finished, the ARM is expected to chip can get the return from the factory recently. The test chip is ARM, TSMC’s common test platform, used for debugging tools and manufacturing process, thus in terms of performance, power consumption, area to obtain the optimal results.

TSMC is expected to begin by the end of 10 nm technology, ARM Artemis architecture also is expected to be officially released in the near future, replace the current architecture A72.

The Samsung Galaxy C5 true figure exposure machine

After allegations that Samsung for the Chinese market to customize a low prices, new Samsung Galaxy C5, recently news about the new handsets have further exposure.

Currently has the net friend to expose the real machine of the Samsung Galaxy C5 figure, according to the pictures show, this new handsets with higher metal body, a camera on the vision has prominent, with double color temperature flash, the overall design is very similar to the style of MTK.

Is the machine with a 5.2 inch screen 1080 p, the Snapdragon 617 eight core processor, 4 gb of memory support, run Android 6.0.1 operating system. Since this is custom into the low price product, believe that the price should be more similar the domestic smartphone market price in China.

New report shows that HTC smart watch will be released on June 6

In the past period of time, has been have news about HTC will launch a smart watches, but so far there are no any official to HTC’s voice. And now have a new fact of HTC smart watch again, and this fact is more specific.

Recently, the famous revealed a great god @ evleaks on Twitter, said HTC will be released in the week of June 6, their new products. But considering that before he was exposed HTC smart watch released at the end of April, but there is no cash, so this time the accuracy of the fact also needs to be verified.

This is not the first time @ evleaks exposure on HTC smart watches the news. As early as in July 2014, he threw light on the design style of HTC smart watches, said it would use with MOTOROLA Moto 360 similar circular dial is designed, and equipped with 360 x 360 resolution screens, pre-loaded with Android Wear operating system, developed code Halfbeak.

OneDrive storage space will shrink to 5 gb free

Microsoft last year OneDrive free storage policy had caused a stir. They had announced that OneDrive reduced from 15 gb
free storage to 5 gb, cancel store photos dedicated 15 gb space at the same time. However, after a user mass protests,
Microsoft has launched a special page to let them keep their own storage space, as long as the user before January 31,
2016 log in the web page and click “keep your free storage” button. But if you missed the chance, then your OneDrive
storage space will be on June 27, was reduced to 5 gb.

In addition to the free storage is reduced, the photos of the 15 gb storage space will be cancelled at the same time. If
you are in the OneDrive preserved more than 5 gb of content or a lot of photos, best in the deadline before the arrival
of transfer them to the local or other free cloud storage service. Today’s new registered OneDrive account has only 5 gb
of free space.

Surface to release the firmware update

Microsoft has oriented Surface Book and Surface Pro 3 and 4, three devices released a new firmware upgrade, to solve the
existing problems of multiple of equipment.

Surface of the Book and Surface Pro 4 two device after sale last year there were some problems, one of the most serious is
equipment in sleep mode power consumption is too high. Microsoft Surface, head Panos Panay, promised in February of the
firmware upgrade to repair, but part of the equipment after the upgrade in the cannot be awakened from sleep problems.
Microsoft released this April upgrade claims to fix two problems of more than ten drive device, including sleep problems
all the time.

Oriented Surface Book critical repair including new Intel HD Graphics driver 520, Microsoft said it should be able to
solve the flashing and “to recover from sleep or sleep after screen cannot correct initialization problem”. Microsoft
Surface UEFI upgrade can solve Edge browser screen flicker problem and other applications.

At the same time, the Surface of Camera driver upgrade and Surface Camera Windows driver to improve the working effect of
Microsoft Windows Hello authentication function. Nvidia GeForce GPU should upgrade can improve Surface Book game
performance. The Surface of the Dock upgrade can improve equipment in connection to the external display and passive video
adapter stability and compatibility.

Surface Pro 4 this upgrade content has many and Surface the same Book, including the restoration of sleep problems,
Windows Hello to improve stability, screen flicker problem to repair and Surface stability of the Dock. In addition, the
device 5 GHZ ap signal strength is improved.

Surface Pro 3 this firmware upgrade only increase the Surface stability of the Dock.

Samsung will provide apple with curved panels

According to reports, apple and samsung to reach an agreement, the latter will in 2017 with about 100 million pieces of
OLED panel, the screen is limited to 5.5 inches, as for the 4.7 -inch no mention at all.

It is reported the agreement within a time limit for 3 years, worth $2.59 billion. Level because of the size is bigger,
apple also don’t like to single supplier system, at present they are talk with LG OLED screen supply issues.

In addition to only increase the dual cameras, there’s a tradition is the new iPhone will adopt double glass design,
believe that according to the rhythm of the apple exposure, will soon have to rely on figure appeared in the spectrum of
the real machine.

The blackberry Priv all reduce the price

Blackberry launched last October Priv sells for 699 dollars, this is the blackberry’s first USES the android mobile phone.

Blackberry has said, by the end of the first quarter of this year, the blackberry Priv only sales 600000, well below forecasts of 850000 units. The blackberry Priv CEO John Chen also said some high priced. In order to reverse this situation, the current blackberry said Priv permanent reduction of $50, priced at $ 649, and Priv accessories all the prices by 30%.

It is understood that in Q3 this year blackberry will launch two other android mobile phone, a physical qwerty keyboard, equipped with another full touch screen design.