The iPad Air 3 configuration big upgrade

After the media exposure of apple product launch in spring time, and said there will be many new products, including the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5 SE.

There are revealed, and the iPad Air 3 still is 9.7 inch screen, but may carry 4 k ultra high resolution screen for the first time, the current resolution of 2048 x 1536. According to the data, a new device of iPad Air 3 in ppi will have obvious ascension.

The iPad Air 3 award-winning first 4 gb memory, with just finished upgrade to 2 gb storage of apple, according to the situation, is to gradually sharp downturn in the spell.

It is understood that the new screen or for Taiwan’s hon hai, the General Interface Solution (GIS), TPK Holding responsible, GIS is responsible for the LCD module, touch panel and a backlight module, which provides the touch panel.

The current news, said the iPad Air 3 will be in the second quarter of this year and put into production.

Intel’s or another 14 nm chips

While Intel has released 14 nm Broadwell and Skylake chips, but still plans to launch a new generation of 14 nm chip, namely Kaby Lake.

According to time to see, that is to say, Intel 10 nm chip will not appear this year, it will come out in 2017, according to the message and will launch three 10 nm

There is also a media pointed out that TSMC will ahead of Intel, at the end of the first 10 nm chip production this year.

Huawei new machine in GeekBench

Huawei Mate 8 and formal land at home and abroad market, where is excelled kirin 950 will still on board of a huawei mobile phone has become a very focused on one thing.


Now, well-known run website GeekBench database appeared a mysterious huawei, besides Android6.0 and 4 gb storage, this new handsets single-core and multi-core processor running points more than the usual kirin 950 performance, can be upgraded kirin 955 processor.

Since this outstanding huawei’s mysterious new running point result is obtained under 1.8 GHz, so it not huawei is continuing to optimize the kirin 950 processor is their in the test of the legendary kirin 955 processor. As for the machine’s true identity, more netizens speculate may be glory X3.

Microsoft and Cyangoen to expand cooperation

Microsoft and third-party Android team Cyangoen enlarged the scope of cooperation, the purpose is to realize the virtual assistant Cortana deeper integration with Android system. Cyangoen not Google’s organization, its development of CyangoenMod is a based on Android operating system. As of August 2015, the system has been applied to the more than 5000 mobile phone.

And Cyanogen group is the world’s largest Android third-party compiler team, once the release of the Android 2.1 kernel series CM5 ROM is widely used, promotes the user from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1 upgrade version of the third party. The team had prior to the company for many mobile phone customization system to stable the Android 1.6 ROM.

Microsoft’s own Mobile operating system is Windows Mobile 10 have not been able to cause the attention of the market, the cooperation with Cyangoen will help it promoting Cortana services. But Microsoft cooperation with Cyangoen doesn’t include investment. On cell phone carrying CyangoenMod system, users can through the Cortana mobile dormant, open or shut down the network, to respond to voice commands, and so on.

Oculus provide developers with a finished in Rift virtual reality helmet

According to some science and technology, virtual reality technology vendors Oculus has announced plans to “early version” to the developer in Rift virtual reality helmet and developer toolkit SDK 1.0.

Oculus announced on the post, “Rift SDK 1.0 and running environment contains features related to the consumer version of the product, so we only to the developer, so that they can develop a virtual reality for Rift.”

Technically, a technology website said, now get the developer is not the first gain in Rift in Rift, because the Oculus has offered some developers in Rift engineering samples. Oculus promises “before the release of the weekly” to more developers in Rift.

So far in terms of sale in Rift, Oculus still says Rift goes on sale before the April 2016, the price more than $350. Rift competitors will be HTC and Steam Vive, but two companies recently said Vive time will jump ticket sale to April 2016.

Samsung Note 5 launch Winter version

Unveiled on Friday, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Winter version of mobile phone, its internal storage space for 128 gb. Program for 999900 won, divide into two kinds color golden, silver, South Korea’s SK telecom, KT is involved in the sales.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 standard memory capacity of 64 gb, does not support external SD card, some users may feel enough, launched the SDamsung Galaxy Note 5 Winter version is in order to meet the requirements of this part of the user. New Note 5 is equipped with a 5.7 -inch display screen and stylus, better able to compete with the iPhone 6 s Plus, which has a 128 gb version, with a 5.5 -inch display.

Expand the memory capacity is very important, because of the rapid growth of the mobile applications, more and more people on the phone storage of photos and video. Will cloud pictures and video existence is a choice, but it must be connected wi-fi networks, but also depends on the operator’s network, it may be possible to consume, mobile traffic.

Samsung did not say when the Galaxy Note 5 Winter version phone can enter into other countries, to buy the Galaxy Note 5 users can get a free wireless charger, if buy the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge + can get Gear VR helmet for free.

HTC Vive will receive reservation in February

Even though for now VR virtual reality we still have a distance, but both consumers and developers for Oculus VR, order the Galaxy VR generation VR devices are showing very high expectation and enthusiasm. Now the good news is that HTC announced its virtual reality devices Vive will be open for reservation in February, is expected to officially listed in April, but the price is still unknown.

It is worth mentioning that unlike consumers eagerly look forward to, HTC wants Vive before officially listed on the optimization of products more, even willing to delay launch date, and in the same important content link HTC also makes every effort to ensure timely follow up. Not only that, in addition to highlight the game properties, HTC will also expand the possibility of virtual reality in the field of education. But at a recent symposium sponsored by the HTC virtual reality, from the university of California, Los Angeles, professor of neurosurgery, Neil Martin has affirmed the significance of virtual reality for neurosurgery, education, as a high-tech AIDS Vive or will help the student to obtain more intuitive learning experience at the same time, the specimen anatomic ease with high cost.

In addition, recently it was reported that the next generation of HTC Vive developers kit will soon, and is expected to begin early next year to some developers, if no accident, HTC will be posted on the CES 2016 exhibition for more news about new Vive.

Microsoft Cortana voice assistant on iOS/Android platform

The end of last month Microsoft has launched the iOS version Cortana voice assistant test, but only after the test users to use the application. According to the latest reports, however, at present Cortana voice assistant has been on the App store and Play store, the user can experience on iOS and Android devices, Microsoft’s voice assistant service.

But somewhat sadly, Cortana log in these two platforms, but on the third party software in the form of stores, so it can’t be like the WP to obtain all the permissions of the bottom of society, so on the function than siri or Google Now there must be a gap on the experience.

According to reports, the current version of the iOS and Android Cortana can realize functions include location tracking, PC call not remind and message, etc.
Cortana can be in two regions of the United States and China App Store download, adapted to the iOS 8 and above version of the iPhone; The Android version of the Cortana support Android 4.1.2 and above version of the Android devices.

HTC HD2 brush can now Android 6.0

Like to play with machine flash reader should for HTC HD2 that the Phone is a impression, while native carry is Windows Mobile system, after the follow-up support to Windows Phone 7 and never get from official update, but due to a private developers efforts, the device has been successfully brush into the various versions of the Android system, and at present it was brush into the latest version of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, reborn again, also once again broke the brush into the system version of the record.

XDA members – Developers macs 18 Max said, HD2 use Android 6.0 system is based on CyanogenMod 13, its function is not complete at present, touching, WiFi and core features such as USB ADB mode runs very well, because it is the first version, of course, the basic telephony and data function to many features, such as bluetooth can not be normal operation.

But even if it cannot be used as normal is mobile phone, can brush into the Android 6.0 has let it have enough historical significance. Review the HD2 flash lasted for you below: the god of the flash has been running Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Firefox OS, Android 2.2, the Android 2.3, the Android 4.0.4, Android 4.1, the Android 4.3, the Android 4.4, and which kind of mobile Phone can compete with it in a flash this project?

HTC launched the Preview program

HTC is rolling out a new project, called the Preview to HTC to make ordinary users to participate in the software upgrade and even did not release tests of the phone.

HTC Preview

It is understood that in the Preview to HTC project way is very simple, as long as you are supporters of HTC, and is willing to contribute their own time, ideas, and the observation of equipment function.

Complete the HTC Preview registration takes about 5-10 minutes, in addition to basic information, you still need to answer some simple questions, such as you use a mobile phone models, and so on. If you are already HTC users, you may need to provide mobile phone IMEI code and operators, to test whether you can get wireless software upgrades.

And other secret test project, HTC Preview is need to sign a confidentiality agreement, so even if you are smoking, also can’t send this message to share with others.