New report shows that HTC smart watch will be released on June 6

In the past period of time, has been have news about HTC will launch a smart watches, but so far there are no any official to HTC’s voice. And now have a new fact of HTC smart watch again, and this fact is more specific.

Recently, the famous revealed a great god @ evleaks on Twitter, said HTC will be released in the week of June 6, their new products. But considering that before he was exposed HTC smart watch released at the end of April, but there is no cash, so this time the accuracy of the fact also needs to be verified.

This is not the first time @ evleaks exposure on HTC smart watches the news. As early as in July 2014, he threw light on the design style of HTC smart watches, said it would use with MOTOROLA Moto 360 similar circular dial is designed, and equipped with 360 x 360 resolution screens, pre-loaded with Android Wear operating system, developed code Halfbeak.

OneDrive storage space will shrink to 5 gb free

Microsoft last year OneDrive free storage policy had caused a stir. They had announced that OneDrive reduced from 15 gb
free storage to 5 gb, cancel store photos dedicated 15 gb space at the same time. However, after a user mass protests,
Microsoft has launched a special page to let them keep their own storage space, as long as the user before January 31,
2016 log in the web page and click “keep your free storage” button. But if you missed the chance, then your OneDrive
storage space will be on June 27, was reduced to 5 gb.

In addition to the free storage is reduced, the photos of the 15 gb storage space will be cancelled at the same time. If
you are in the OneDrive preserved more than 5 gb of content or a lot of photos, best in the deadline before the arrival
of transfer them to the local or other free cloud storage service. Today’s new registered OneDrive account has only 5 gb
of free space.

Surface to release the firmware update

Microsoft has oriented Surface Book and Surface Pro 3 and 4, three devices released a new firmware upgrade, to solve the
existing problems of multiple of equipment.

Surface of the Book and Surface Pro 4 two device after sale last year there were some problems, one of the most serious is
equipment in sleep mode power consumption is too high. Microsoft Surface, head Panos Panay, promised in February of the
firmware upgrade to repair, but part of the equipment after the upgrade in the cannot be awakened from sleep problems.
Microsoft released this April upgrade claims to fix two problems of more than ten drive device, including sleep problems
all the time.

Oriented Surface Book critical repair including new Intel HD Graphics driver 520, Microsoft said it should be able to
solve the flashing and “to recover from sleep or sleep after screen cannot correct initialization problem”. Microsoft
Surface UEFI upgrade can solve Edge browser screen flicker problem and other applications.

At the same time, the Surface of Camera driver upgrade and Surface Camera Windows driver to improve the working effect of
Microsoft Windows Hello authentication function. Nvidia GeForce GPU should upgrade can improve Surface Book game
performance. The Surface of the Dock upgrade can improve equipment in connection to the external display and passive video
adapter stability and compatibility.

Surface Pro 4 this upgrade content has many and Surface the same Book, including the restoration of sleep problems,
Windows Hello to improve stability, screen flicker problem to repair and Surface stability of the Dock. In addition, the
device 5 GHZ ap signal strength is improved.

Surface Pro 3 this firmware upgrade only increase the Surface stability of the Dock.

Samsung will provide apple with curved panels

According to reports, apple and samsung to reach an agreement, the latter will in 2017 with about 100 million pieces of
OLED panel, the screen is limited to 5.5 inches, as for the 4.7 -inch no mention at all.

It is reported the agreement within a time limit for 3 years, worth $2.59 billion. Level because of the size is bigger,
apple also don’t like to single supplier system, at present they are talk with LG OLED screen supply issues.

In addition to only increase the dual cameras, there’s a tradition is the new iPhone will adopt double glass design,
believe that according to the rhythm of the apple exposure, will soon have to rely on figure appeared in the spectrum of
the real machine.

The blackberry Priv all reduce the price

Blackberry launched last October Priv sells for 699 dollars, this is the blackberry’s first USES the android mobile phone.

Blackberry has said, by the end of the first quarter of this year, the blackberry Priv only sales 600000, well below forecasts of 850000 units. The blackberry Priv CEO John Chen also said some high priced. In order to reverse this situation, the current blackberry said Priv permanent reduction of $50, priced at $ 649, and Priv accessories all the prices by 30%.

It is understood that in Q3 this year blackberry will launch two other android mobile phone, a physical qwerty keyboard, equipped with another full touch screen design.

The Microsoft Surface Phone released next year

Microsoft Surface Phone talk for a long time, but when the issue is debated. However, from the perspective of the slow movement of Microsoft, Surface Phone may want to meet with us until next year. According to the overseas websites Windows Central said, citing sources disclosed Microsoft Surface Phone to wait until 2017 to launch, but the good news is that Surface Phone there will be three different versions, to meet the needs of different users.

Microsoft has been plotting Surface Phone is already well known, after the disclosure is likely to debut in September this year. However, according to foreign websites, Windows Central quoted sources reported that Microsoft Surface Phone will have to wait until next year and we meet, and there will be three different versions, and to meet the needs of different users.

It is understood that Microsoft Surface Phone models for these three items of user groups will have differences, respectively, for ordinary consumers, enthusiasts or a geek, and enterprise users. As to why Microsoft Surface why Phone late, Windows Central time the did not disclose the specific reason, but speculation is likely to be Microsoft thinks Win10 mobile system with the app store is not mature enough.

As is next year will launch model, and also does not have specific release date, so Microsoft Surface Phone related configuration of natural way of knowing.

Apple 18 nm artificial memory chips South Korea

According to the Korea times reported, industry sources, Samsung electronics has agreed to provide apple with 18 nano memory chips. This week, Samsung began shipping 18 nm DRAM (dynamic random access memory), it is composed of Hwaseong production line in the south of Seoul.


At the beginning of the 18 nm DRAM production is not big, because Samsung has just 60% last year – 70% of the DRAM capacity upgrade to 20 nanotechnology. In the process of manufacturing, chip, the thinner the better, 10 nm chip thickness is thinner than 20 nanometers, lower energy consumption, higher efficiency.

Currently on the market, there are two main types of memory chips, one kind is DRAM, another is NAND flash memory. DRAM is used to read and write data in the digital equipment, NAND chip is used to store data some equipment shut down will not be affected.

“Samsung is the industry’s first 18 DRAM chip nanotechnology commercialization of successful enterprises, 2 years ago, its successful production of 20 nm DRAM chips.” Sources said, “because the market environment faced with challenges, Samsung’s strategy is to steadily improve chip manufacturing technology, in order to maintain competitive advantage.”


Wondershare Tidy My Music Rating

If you’re like me and fancy yourself being a closet DJ, then having a well arranged iTunes library is a must. I love my music, however with a library of over 4000 tunes, I struggle to keep things good and tidy until now– with the help of TidyMyMusic.

Exactly what is it?
Wondershare TidyMyMusic is an all-in-one tool to assist you fix mislabeled tunes, download album art, lyrics and eliminate repeated songs. It might generate you crazy when missing out on details like “Unidentified Artist” and “Track 01” continuously shows up in your music folders or iTunes library, particularly if you like a clean and well-organized music collection. Do not let it ruin your day and try TidyMyMusic for Mac to completely enhance your music experience. By adopting a sophisticated acoustic finger print search, it can easily and accurately find out lacking information, the ID3 tags such as artists, track names, album, style and far more. Besides that, you will also be able to obtain album arts and lyrics. Exactly what’s more, it seeks repeated tunes and you can delete them to save important space.

In Action:
Once TidyMyMusic evaluates your files, it will immediately find album covers, set information, and discover doubles. If it does not know the music, then it will tag it for you to by hand add data. In my case, there were some 80 tunes that I needed to manually go through to build the year and album name to. Besides that, TidyMyMusic handled practically everything, although a great deal of my music collection was already in better than typical shape. For the 80 or so tunes that it could not identify, I did need to go through and manually click’re-identify’ on every one. This would be a lot less time taking in if you had less unidentifieds, however it was around 1 % of my music collection, so I can’t complain.

It needs to also be noted that a great deal of it was indie music that would not be in the Gracenote Database used by WonderShare. It did however get some of my indie music incorrect. For example, I have actually a track labelled ‘Careless Kiss’ by “Money and Cobain”, and it re-titled it ‘Eddie Veder’ by ‘Regional H’. Regardless of that, you really cannot expect this sort of program to deal with indie music. You will decide to go through things truly rapidly to make sure that it has everything proper. Then, you can click ‘Apply All’ and sit back and await it to use everything to your real collection. The whole procedure took about two seconds per song for my collection.

Scrolling through my iTunes, I discovered a minimum of a dozen albums that had actually formerly had wrong or no album covers upgraded. In general, while it did have it’s defects, and it took numerous hours for a music collection of my size, I’m rather pleased with it. It fixed tags and music information including album and release year, as well as discovered missing out on album artwork, which was quite good.

If you want to try WonderShare yourself, you can modify approximately 10 songs totally free. Otherwise it costs $39.

Here there are Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is introduced

Apple new patent application liquid metal Home button

Apple today again won the United States patent and trademark office approved patents, and one for the iPhone and patent iPad equipped with liquid metal Home button is the most worthy of our attention, the Home button can be realized through various methods, as well as bring a lot of advantages, compared with other materials, the advantages of liquid metal can always keep elasticity, suitable for manufacturing Home button. The patent document also mention to the liquid metal has high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, and other advantages.

Patent application materials, according to the liquid metal of high elastic makes it become the ideal metal materials of manufacturing pressure Home button: press will have a slight deformation, remove the finger will be returned to normal. Liquid metal can remain permanently elastic, titanium, stainless steel and other metal materials irreversible deformation will appear, not suitable for used in the manufacture of the Home button.

This second patent implementation, introduced in detail with the Home button switch, switch near small actuator composition of liquid metal, make the liquid metal deformation when press the actuator. Compared with the traditional pressure button, an efficient design simplifies the manufacturing task.

It is reported that every year since 2010, apple continue to retain the exclusive right to the use of liquid metal, currently only used on the iPhone SIM card pin, when used by a larger is unknown. And Home button to use the patent of liquid metal as early as in 2014, it was not until today have been approved, the applicant for a patent for one of the important Steve Zadesky recently left the apple.

Liquid metal high ductility of the most appropriate pressure sensing Home button button, press the slight deformation, fingers left immediately return to normal shape. Even outstanding materials such as titanium, stainless steel also will slowly occurs irreversible deformation, liquid metal will forever keep elasticity. According to this logic, the apple for a while won’t give up on the bottom of the screen entity Home button.

Samsung product upgrade Android 6.0.1 roadmap exposure

Recently, A samsung smart phones and tablets international market upgrade Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow roadmap was exposed in the system, although it is can’t prove the authenticity of the picture, but we see the Galaxy Note 5 from the roadmap, the Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S5 and Galaxy A series of products. In addition, the Tab S2 tablet also appear in the roadmap.

Android 6.0.1

Although this is not the first time we see a similar diagram, at the same time accuracy is not high, but given before the end of January the south Korean domestic market Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has begun to rise the Android 6.0.1, at the same time the European market began in February, part of the upgrade, the new system the dates in the chart is quite doable at least.

We see from the road map, the international version of the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6 Edge +, the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 will start sometime in March this year to upgrade the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and Galaxy Note 4 and Note the Edge will begin in April, upgrade, and S5 and Galaxy Tab in the Galaxy S2 will push the new system in May. In addition, the Galaxy Alpha last update on the roadmap, due in June this year.