HTC One M9 push the Android 7.0

Recently, the announced for its annual flagship model HTC after 10 update to Android 7.0, HTC has launched flagship 2015 machine One M9 update plan, and very quickly – the north American version of the contract One M9 in today can obtain by HTC to push Android 7.0 update.

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Like HTC 10, HTC for M9 upgrade to Android 7.0 instead of 7.1. But for purchased the M9 contract version of users, this is a very big good news: because operators customized version of M9 and HTC 10 Android 7.0 update will be push delay in the first quarter of next year. But before that, in the last year end model HTC One A9 may also receive the Android 7.0 update.

For a long time, for their older models fit the latest version of the Android system, HTC is the conscience. In the first half of 2014, for example, low-end models Desire was 816 for two consecutive years to obtain the latest version of the Android push, version is to upgrade all the way from 4.4 to 6.0; This year, HTC is the world’s first declared their old flagship adapter Android 7.0.

XiaoMi 3/ 4 / note first brush into the native Android 7.0

After it was revealed well-known third-party CyanogenMod ROM team announced CM14.1 based on Android 7.0 the nightly news. Now, there is a great god has made the native Android 7.0 flash package.

At present, there has been a net friend to update the XiaoMi 3 unicom/telecom version (XiaoMi 3 mobile is not in this category), XiaoMi 4 and XiaoMi note standard/top-of-the-line version of native Android 7.0 flash package.

And this update also joined the root mainly function, and add stop running the patch. But, still remind you carefully flash.

SONY will take the lead in pushing the Android 7.0

In the past two years, SONY’s business has been on a mobile phone is not very desirable, not so well in other areas. But in the aspect of system push updates a SONY is very hard-working.

SONY has to participate in the Android 7.0 nougat Beta users to send the E-mail to the experience, said that they would within 48 hours for specific Xperia X Performance mobile push system updates.

According to the previous plan, SONY mobile phone upgrade android 7.0 specific plan is as follows: Xperia XZ/X Performance upgrade time for the October 2016,
Xperia X/X Compact upgrade time for the November 2016, Xperia Z5 series/Z3 + and Z4 upgrade time was in December 2016, Xperia XA/Ultra upgrade time for 2017 years.

Toshiba introduced WiGig Dock base

Toshiba client solutions department today launched a new product WiGig Dock, designed to help business laptop users better and more efficient to complete their work. The WiGig Dock provides standard IEEE 802.11 AD high-speed connection, at the same time support up to 4.62 Gbps of wireless transmission frequency, and can be connected at the same time with different external devices.

WiGig Dock

It is understood that the WiGig Dock can connect two different resolution at the same time the external display, and in addition to WiGig wireless connections, WiGig Dock also comes with a USB Type – C interface allows users through wired and wireless connection more external accessories. Support both wired connection means for laptop users can use without WiGig protocol support WiGig Dock is compatible with older equipment.

Other connection properties, WiGig Dock including the Ethernet interface, HDMI, USB 3.0 interface, etc., and in the front and rear are equipped with a USB 3.0. At the same time, for an external monitor, WiGig Dock support from hd to 4 k different the resolution of the equipment, such as ultra-high resolution 2560 x 1600 resolution and in support of single or WiGig mode of double screen 1920 x 1200 pixels. If through the USB – C interface to connect, support 3840 x 2160 single 4 k resolution 1920 x 1200 pixel or double screen displays.

At the same time, the WiGig Dock also supports the latest wireless security protocol to protect the transmission of data, at the same time WiGig Dock and enhanced cable lock interface used to fix on the desk.

It is reported, WiGig Dock is now on sale, priced at $299.99.

Amazon push to upgrade version of Fire TV stick

Amazon has just released a new generation of streaming media products Fire TV TV stick, and are ready to serve the competition more intense competition.


It is understood that the new Fire TV streaming media adapter to upgrade to the new quad-core processors, promoted twice than the previous generation of dual core, at the same time support faster wi-fi 802.11 ac MIMO connection. In addition, the new Fire TV TV stick remote control to increase the support of Alexa voice assistant, you can directly find their needs by voice command.

But the new Fire TV TV rods are still does not support 4 k ultra clean media content, and this feature to support only on the Fire TV set-top boxes. Fire TV TV stick, of course, still offers more than 7000 hd channels and applications, and Alexa join make it meet the needs of most customers. After all support for 4 k, still requires users to spend more money.

A new generation of Fire TV television still to sell for about $40, consistent with the previous generation products. But in the remote users need more spending $10, after all, strengthen the function of voice control, increase a little price is also understandable. Amazon said that a new generation of Fire TV TV rods will be shipped at the end of October.

Is the Fire in the new generation TV television released a few days before, Roku has just launched its new streaming hardware Roku Express set-top boxes, and costs only $30, streaming media equipment, joined at the bottom end of the competition. And soon Google will also launch new Chromecast 4 k TV stick, and you can tell from the name, this time Google brings support for 4 k.

Google Pixel screen size confirmation

Has revealed for the first time in Germany site Winfuture Google Pixel and Pixel XL photos on the front panel, and confirmation will be equipped with 5 inch and 5.5 inch touch screen, the site Techdroider has released a set of Google Pixel XL front and back rendering, and shows that the machine is designed for the upper and lower borders symmetric, with large jaw after exposure is not the same shape.

According to the German website Winfuture exposure of a set of Google Pixel and Pixel XL picture on the front panel, the upper and lower border of the two models is symmetric design, the exposure of large jaw shape is not the same with the past. Not only that, for the first time on Google, it seems, are still in the Pixel and Pixel XL used the white front panel, the design of the Google had never had.

At the same time with our previous rendering, you see Google Pixel and Pixel XL front cameras located at the upper left of the touch screen, but it seems that the sensor design in the lower part of the receiver, and according to the exposure of the front panel suppliers in Hong Kong, according to the disclosure Google Pixel size and Pixel XL front panel were 4.99 inches and 5.46 inches, is confirmed two new handsets will be equipped with 5 inch and 5.5 inch touch screen.

In addition, the website Techdroider also released a set of latest Google Pixel XL rendering of front and back, although the overall brightness is not high, but it is not difficult to find that with mobile phone positive and the above photo does exactly the same on the front panel, while on the back of a three-stage collision color design, including the upper 40% were black, 60% lower for gray, with rounded fingerprint sensor, and is located in the upper left corner on the back of a camera and LED flash side also has three grain of circular hole, but not clear role for the time being.

Currently, Google Pixel and Pixel XL has passed the certification of the GCF, and previous generations of products, also has the international version and the north American version of the two choices, but the latter will support CDMA network, while the international version does not have this feature. As for two models of the main configuration, Google Pixel, and Pixel XL will carry Android7.1 systems with 4 gb of RAM memory and carry Xiao dragon 821 processor, equipped with 8 million pixels front cameras and 8 million pixels main camera.

It is reported, Google will be held on October 4th hardware product launches, Pixel and Pixel XL two models will debut, and are likely in the current release on sale. Both aircraft from 32 gb capacity, start as for Google Pixel XL price is $599, and 5 in Google’s Pixel is $449.

Samsung launched the world’s largest 88 “quantum dot 4 k TV

Samsung in this year’s IFA conference, brought a whole new generation of quantum dots TV, and one of the product, attracted the attention of the whole. KS9800 yes, this paragraph is a 88 – inch of new products, is also the world’s largest quantum dots 4 k high-definition TV. And besides KS9800, samsung also released 19 of quantum dots TV new products at the same time, ranging from 43 inches and 88 inches.

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Quantum dot is a kind of display technology, through the use of very small particles to obtain a higher brightness, and can significantly improve the color accuracy, color saturation, make HDR image more perfect. And three XingQuan department of product support HDR TV seems to samsung for HDR very bullish on the prospect of, and are confident of their products.

And, more importantly, quantum dots not aging, and that’s why samsung also launched 10 years warranty at the news conference of the new terms of service.

Samsung television is a new generation of quantum dots at the same time built into the upgrade version of the Smart TV interface, whether can brake test system connect set-top box or online streaming service. New system also has a built-in Steam Link service, so the user can also be 88 inches KS9800 large screen display as games, to experience the joy of the game of streaming media.

Rumors Samsung Galaxy S8 give up strategy of double machine

According to Forbes website reported that Samsung has considered next year release the Galaxy S8 give up consistent strategy of two, when only launching a configuration of its iconic curved surface screen models. Although abandoned the strategy of two, information shows that the Galaxy S8 will configure the dual camera lens.

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Given the time required to develop its new smartphones, Samsung may have been issued by the finish the project next year’s Galaxy S8 (assumed name) design work. This means that the hardware information has entered the production chain, the most recent years of experience has shown that production chain product information is easy to leak. Even if the Galaxy S8 design has not yet been finalized, Samsung in testing a variety of design, the news show that Samsung considering double camera lens design, not only understand Samsung product release plan can also help the outside world.

Forbes said Samsung in marketing advantage is that apple will double lens camera – 7 Plus configuration for the iPhone’s current expectations. Due to the Galaxy S8 only one model, which means that Samsung all the next generation of flagship model will configure the double camera lens. In addition to the Samsung’s traditional advantage in imaging, “everyone’s double lens” also can make Samsung to apple’s marketing advantage.

Although the Galaxy Note 7 will enter more market in the next four weeks, destined to belong to apple and the iPhone next month 7, I think this may be a Samsung in early August rather than in the international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin next week to release the cause of the Galaxy Note 7. If next year’s flagship Samsung Galaxy devices with dual lens camera’s message was accepted by the people, a lot of people when buying a new phone will look before you leap: is buying the iPhone now or wait to buy a better product.

Apples are trying to convince media: the iPhone is still a unique innovative products. Forbes said, Samsung after huawei adopts double camera lens design, there is no doubt that show that apple in follow suit. Over the next 12 months all high-end equipment will adopt double lens camera design.

Apple watches 2 generation configuration exposure

Conference in September, apple conference is, of course, except iPhone7/7 plus if without exception should be released along with other products.

Recently, several accurate disclosure Apple new Ming – Chi Kuo again give news that Apple will be released next month the new Apple Watch, but want to with you, will introduce two models at a time.

Ming-chi kuo, stressed that the two Apple Watch some different, one is the existing Apple Watch configuration upgrade version, its carrying 16 nm processor technology, and has better waterproof performance.

The other one is a brand new Apple Watch, its built-in GPS, pressure gauge, and larger capacity battery, have waterproof function, the processor model as S2, based on 16 nm TSMC technology process, but unfortunately, two new watches on shape design with existing remain the same.

Samsung cancelled transparent OLED TV series

Since 2008, the company has been making transparent OLED display panel. Although is a very small niche products, but also is an interesting explanation for the future display technology. But unfortunately, after so many years in, samsung eventually abandoned the technology.

Samsung has announced that the company will give up the research and development and production of transparent OLED display panel. As for specific reasons, according to people familiar with the fact, because of the panel of the global total is not high enough, not enough to put samsung will be related to the rationalization. That is to say, the entire technology industry may be like the concept of transparent TV, but no one can really to buy them.

Though samsung is about to leave, but LG is going to enter the field next year. In this year’s CES, the concept of LG OLED panel shows some transparent products, and will bring related business products in next year’s CES.