HTC launched the Preview program

HTC is rolling out a new project, called the Preview to HTC to make ordinary users to participate in the software upgrade and even did not release tests of the phone.

HTC Preview

It is understood that in the Preview to HTC project way is very simple, as long as you are supporters of HTC, and is willing to contribute their own time, ideas, and the observation of equipment function.

Complete the HTC Preview registration takes about 5-10 minutes, in addition to basic information, you still need to answer some simple questions, such as you use a mobile phone models, and so on. If you are already HTC users, you may need to provide mobile phone IMEI code and operators, to test whether you can get wireless software upgrades.

And other secret test project, HTC Preview is need to sign a confidentiality agreement, so even if you are smoking, also can’t send this message to share with others.

Many Chrome extension procedures were found to track user behavior on the Internet

In the impression of a lot of people in the Google Chrome web browser is very safe, but recently the code analysis of the more popular browser extensions found them under the without permission of the user to activate track the user’s network behavior, some extensions may even run in the background tracking scripts, using a variety of different ways to collect user data that it is difficult to identify. Security company headquartered in Sweden Detectify laboratory said these extensions will track the user’s Internet history, and even the secret of Facebook Connect access token, Connect to the private Dropbox and Google Drive file links.

Detectify laboratory revealed that include HooverZoom, SpeakIt, ProxFlow, Instant Translate, FB Color Changer, SafeBrowse, JavaScript Error Notifier, SuperBlock AdBlocker exist many popular extensions such as track users access to the Internet. Though analysis provider by getting the user behaviour on the Internet to provide data support, but is clearly by means of Chrome extension program to get out of the edge of the crime.

Also found in these extensions code analysis procedures contained in the update function, even if the add-in in tooling is no longer updated, but still allows the analysis of the company to upgrade the tracking code and add new features, even if the extension of the original author has ended his project. Security experts from Detectify laboratory Linus Sarud and Frans Rosen said: “we were in a Chrome extension related BBS to see someone sell the tracking information, each user is priced at $0.04 / month. If for tens of thousands or millions of user data, and then can get a very considerable income every month.”

Neyya intelligent ring

Intelligent ring what is not particularly unusual products, and that the named Neyya intelligent ring not only can be used to display the notification, you can even control the gestures and NFC payments, and other functions.

Neyya adopt stainless steel material, and provides a titanium and gold plated version, you can by clicking and capacitance in black on the surface operation to achieve control. Both play music, or remote control document presentation, no problem.

Neyya via bluetooth connected to the computer or smartphone, put on your fingers can directly manipulate office software display work, definitely help you to reduce a lot of burden. In addition, this smart ring can also be used to display materials, take, etc. It intended users, such as business commissioner, also it can be used to display their creativity; General users can be used to receive notifications, also can use this intelligent ring to remind you to complete some tasks.

Set Neyya just 60 seconds, the process of the used directly to show PowerPoint, Keynote, users only need to touch your Neyya can be paginated. In addition, cooperate with iOS Neyya can also be used to remotely control GoPro camera motion, to capture video and photos, waterproof and shockproof. Even a set-top box products like Roku can operation, very convenient. In addition, including notifications, answer the phone, hang up the phone, information remind, pills, or yoga workout timer, daily water remind, posture, etc., can be achieved by Neyya.

Neyya has three different kinds of large, medium and small sizes, direct range from 18.9 mm to 28.2 mm, support wireless charging, can be full of only 90 minutes.

In addition, Neyya also provides a titanium and 18 k gold plated version, priced at $139 and $189 respectively.

Apple confirmed the iPad Pro supports USB 3.0 standard

At iFixit shortly before the release of the report, taken apart on iPad Pro dismantling team found that exist in the iPad Pro’s USB 3.0 controller, which means that this kind of apple is the biggest size of the device is equipped with 20 data interface should support USB 3.0 standard. And it’s the latest news, Ars Technica has to apple verification to confirm the iPad Pro do support USB 3.0 data transmission, the theory of maximum transmission speed can reach 5GBPS, more than ten times the USB 2.0 480 MBPS.

But is somewhat sadly, the iPad Pro is attached with only 20 cable support USB 2.0 standard, and its interface pin number obviously also meets the requirement of USB 3.0 transmission, perhaps this is the apple in the conference did not mention the USB 3.0 one of the reasons. But then again, if no accident, apple should be in the future will also launch a USB 3.0 from cable, apple would, after all, strong performance of the iPad Pro positioning for laptop replacement, without the support of high-speed transmission standard can’t said some in the past, otherwise the photographers to the iPad Pro to edit 4K video will have had to endure a slow USB 2.0.

Not only that, reports that apple is interested in this USB 3.0 compatible controller integrated into the next generation processor A10 make inside limited space of small size equipment also supports USB 3.0, that is to say the iPhone 7 or will be improved in terms of data transmission.

Samsung version consumer Gear VR open purchase in advance

Although Microsoft, Oculus, Sony, HTC, and many other technology giants have been involved in virtual reality and augmented reality, and try their best to gain publicity for his equipment, but for most of the average consumer, head-mounted VR devices and AR in the short term is still a distant objects. But now the good news is that, after several generations of product, the consumer version of Samsung Gear VR has officially began to accept booking recently, but the premise is you have flagship Samsung mobile phone.

According to understand, as with previous versions, as well as the consumer version of Gear VR Samsung and Oculus cooperative development, but also lighter weight wearing more comfortable, at the same time can cooperate with Samsung this year 4 flagship model Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge + and Galaxy Note 5 to use, and before the two versions respectively support with the Galaxy Galaxy Note 4 S6, Samsung appears to have solved the embarrassed before compatibility problems. In addition, Samsung said it would in Gear VR Innovator Edition on the basis of introducing more related game and application, let users in the first time experience the thrill of virtual reality technology.

At present, the consumer version of Samsung Gear VR has been officially on amazon, best buy and Samsung official online store, the price of $99 is not expensive, is expected to officially shipping since 20th of this month.

Remix Mini Android PC release

On November 8th, technology, science and technology in Beijing held a Remix product launches, officially launched carrying Remix OS 2.0 system want to Mini android computer. Want the Mini cabinet products, is a design which modified since Remix of android OS 2.0 operating system, only palm-sized fuselage, but provide two HDMI, TF card, USB2.0 interface. You can use a Remix is Mini can be connected and display screen equipment, immediately can be converted into an android small PC is productivity.

In terms of system, want to OS 2.0 provides different from traditional operating system innovation, support for multiple applications to run and support more Windows applications. In view of the android platform some version of the software, and want to OS 2.0 has carried on the quite a lot of optimization, you can use in the same screen three commonly used vertical version of the application on your mobile phone, and a seamless cut back and forth between them. Some details in the system, want to OS 2.0 provides file quick preview, arbitrarily selected drag, support files management, quick window switch, a key screenshots, massive android application support, and unique functions.

In terms of hardware, want the Mini measurements for 124 mm * 88 mm * 26 mm built-in 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex A53 (64 – bit) processor, memory 1GB / 2GB, fuselage storage space for 8GB / 16GB eMMC. Support for h. 263 / h. 264 / h. 265, support 1080 p 30 frames decoding. Interface, provides the Ethernet interface, HDMI interface, two USB2.0 interface, power supply interface, and the standard of 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It is understood that the current Remix OS has achieved x86 architecture adapter, x86 architecture have more advantages in terms of instruction set relative to the android, on the ability of running complex programs can solve the problem of more, want in the future will also be launched targeted x86 architecture. Now want the Mini has officially started selling, 8GB version costs 299 yuan, the 16 GB version for 399 yuan.

The raise mobile Siam 7x also with the double screen

Most modern smartphones equipped with two cameras, part of the product is equipped with two SIM card slot, but two display configuration of smart phones are few and far between. According to Digital Trends, Siam 7x is a landing site of the raising Kickstarter funding smartphone product, it is equipped with two cameras, 2 SIM card slots and two pieces of display screen. Siam said Siam 7x is the north American market in the first paragraph configuration double screen smartphone.

Siam 7x’s goal is to phone can more easily to complete various tasks at the same time, to ensure that the user can see the key information at the first time on the phone. Siam 7x positive configuration an ordinary IPS touchscreen, configure a E – Ink touch screen on the back. Though Siam may be first launched in the us market, double screen mobile phone manufacturers, but the Russian sales Devices Yotaphone start-up and Yotaphone 2 are equipped with double screen. Sales Devices is cancelled Yotaphone 2 scheme introduced in the us market.

Digital Trends says, look from the front, Siam 7x design similar to the iPhone. Positive screen size is 5 inches, a resolution of 720 p, on the back of the electronic ink display screen size is 4.7 inches, a resolution of 960 X 540 pixels. Siam 7x configuration mediatek eight core chips running memory of the unknown, and capacity, after the front-facing camera pixels of 1600 and 8 million respectively.

Notice on the back of the display screen to display, support, including weather, music control and calendar applications, widgets. It can also be used to read electronic books and display maps. Siam 7x run Android Lollipop, USES the custom interface. Siam 7x’s other features including the battery capacity is 2100 mah, 4G LTE connections, dual SIM card support, FM radio, and bluetooth 4.0.

If double screen design can’t let you have a boiling passion, Siam through Kickstarter provide preferential might make you excited. Only $420, the user can not only obtain a Siam 7x and a protective shell, still can obtain a lifetime warranty service, and can be a free upgrade to the next generation of Siam mobile phones; Sells for $470 suits in addition to including the products and services, also includes a 32 gb MicroSD card and a pair of headphones to monitor heart rate. Buy a $480 suit users can enjoy the Jolt Mobile or Lyca Mobile provide 3 months of unlimited traffic wireless services.

Digital Trends, points out that Siam plan through Kickstarter to raise $50000. If complete financing target, Siam will since December Siam 7x to the user delivery. Although Siam 7x representing the United States market, but its worldwide sales.

Lithium-air battery storage capacity for lithium ion battery 10 times

In the current this everywhere filled with the era of digital products, battery is the “source of life” of all the equipment. Now the most common cell types is lithium ion battery, but as the function of digital products increasingly powerful, lithium ion battery is bigger. In this way, our equipment is difficult to keep slim figure. Recently, scientists at the university of Cambridge released a lithium air battery, the battery in the future may become a mainstream form of battery.


Lithium air batteries are very porous conductive carbon materials, negative extremely lithium metal, its theoretical storage capacity of the battery is lithium ion battery 10 times. Lithium air batteries, however, is in the early stages of development, the experimental models exist in the daily use of unstable situation, such as low charge/discharge efficiency and low energy efficiency. In addition, the current lithium air batteries can only be used under the environment of pure oxygen, obviously does not meet the People’s Daily use environment.

In order to make the battery more stability, Clare, a chemistry professor at the university of Cambridge p. Grey and her team are to continue their efforts. It is expected that it will be ten years, lithium air batteries can truly to market.

Another Huawei Honor Play 5X design sketches

From Huawei Honor Play 5X release is close at hand. At this time, and have popped the suspected insider Honor Play 5X design draft grass of many attention again. As early as in the previous, Honor Play 5X real machine has been exposed, and allows users to scratching their heads just is that have already been true machine and the design sketch is not perfectly. Time, Huawei Honor Play 5X face on the user’s heart once again become a puzzle.

It is understood that the Internet out of two internal design sketches are mainly concentrated in the back of the fuselage, profile, and the volume button, speakers and other local appearance. One sketch is obviously stylist handpainted manuscript, present a Honor play respectively from different angles the appearance of the 5X silhouette. Outline curve can be seen from the manuscript, Huawei Honor Play 5X back round, positive side Angle edge design abnormal obviously, and this feature is to had rounded edge design of the real machine photos difference obvious; In addition, the sketch of the real machine at the top of the mesh extremely clear and bilateral symmetry. Speculation from the function, a total of around 10 mesh is likely to be Honor Play 5X double row speakers. According to this logic, new products are likely to follow Honor Play 4X BOX integration of the cavity.

All design manuscript while get caught up in another design sketch, is a computer generated 3 d drawings. Fuselage frame is clearly visible in the design drawing, after exposure of the real machine is presented without borders of ID design, it also become a netizen doubt another key points. In addition, match on one piece of hand draw sketches and after exposure of the real machine, can infer the large 5.5 -inch screen has a doubt; At the same time, the design of real machine at the top of the front camera, side-by-side with the receiver, sensor design, overall layout, harmonious beautiful; Glory, moreover, can be seen from the front, honor play 5X was not Home button function key Settings, such as making real machine one integrated mass, visual effect is not only playing catch up with the hot style Honor Play 4X, more comparable with international brand high-end models.

Between the glory of the official did not respond, photos and sketches of circulated on the Internet also is only suspense. Have insiders have speculated that the design sketch is likely only Honor play an alternative version of 5X, so with previous exposure photos appear, it is not difficult to understand the difference between the real machine to know why can only wait for conference.

How to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Note

Having current and complete backups of your Samsung Galaxy is not only a good idea, but can be life saver for us. So, in this how-to, I’ll cover everything from backing up text messages, music, photos, videos, apps, contacts etc. to restoring all the files from computer to your devices without samsung kies. Here we go follow the step by step guide on how to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy.

Firstly, download Wondershare MobileTrans, install and run it.

download-btn-win download-btn-mac

1. Backup your Samsung Galaxy
Click the ” Back up Your Phone ” button in the homepage. You will go to the backup mode. You can freely backup your needed data to your computer, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, video, music, photos, app, etc. Select what you want to backup and click the ” Start Copy “.

2. Restore your Samsung Galaxy
Go to the homepage and click ” Restore from Backups ” button . Select a backup file format in the drop down list. After you locate the saved backup file that you want to restore to your phone, click “Start Copy” to transfer the data from the backup file to your Samsung Galaxy.